NWEWT IP agreement

If we achieve our goal, the resulting work will be very interesting to the general testing community. Each of us will probably have our own take on what was learned. Participants agree to the following:

Any of us can publish the results as we see them. None of us is the official reporter of the meeting.

Any materials presented to the meeting or developed at the meeting may be posted to any of our websites or quoted from in any other of our publications, without further permission. That is, if I write a paper, you can put it on your web site. If you write a paper, I can put it on my web site. If we make flipchart notes, those can go up on the web sites too. None of us has exclusive control over this material.

The usual rules of attribution apply. If you write a paper or develop an idea or method, anyone who quotes or summarizes your work should attribute it to you. However, many ideas will develop in discussion and will be hard (and not necessary) to attribute to one person.

Any publication of the material from this meeting lists all attendees as contributors to the ideas published.

Articles should be circulated to the attendees before being published. Circulation will be via posting to the mailing list.

Any attendee may request that her name be removed from the list of attendees identified on a specific paper.

If you have information which you consider proprietary or otherwise shouldn’t be disclosed in light of these publication rules, don’t reveal that information to the group.


Reproduced from the DEWT IP Agreement page