The North West Exploratory Workshop on Testing (NWEWT) has come about from the inspiring peer conferences that have come before it including LEWT, DEWT, MEWT & TITAN.

This & those workshops are largely based on the original LAWST format.

These workshops provide a safe space for deep discussions into a topic with the aim of furthering the craft of software testing to ultimately improve delivery of valuable software.

The growth of interest in testing in the North West has been indicated by the phenomenal increase in numbers of the Liverpool Tester Gathering (LPLTG) & North West Tester Gathering (NWTG) which is taking great strides to bring the testing community together.

NWEWT plans to compliment the work of LPLTG & NWTG by bringing like-minded testers together to learn from, challenge & inspire each other & have a blast doing it.


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