NWEWT #4 – Testing the Future is nearly here

Before this year hurtles into April, Liverpool will host the 4th installment of the NWEWT!


This year the theme is “Testing the Future” – how will testing keep up with the mind-blowing future applications of software engineering?

The application of software is far reaching & it’s adoption into new & exciting domains is ever-accelerating.

As we find new & exciting problems to solve with software, how do we ensure that testing of the software remains appropriate & sufficient?

We’ve asked attendees to explore the predictions of future applications of software & share with us your thoughts as to what the testing of that software may look like.

Of course, some of them are already living in the future & pushing the boundaries of software engineering! We’re looking forward to hearing their experiences of how their testing strategy has had to be modified in order to remain effective & relevant.

Some inspirations that sparked this theme


We have invited a broad range of thought leaders from various domains, including enterprise business, start ups, individuals & university research groups – all of which are pushing the boundaries of software application & are facing fascinating testing challenges!


3 thoughts on “NWEWT #4 – Testing the Future is nearly here

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