NWEWT #3 Finito Est

The 3rd iteration of NWEWT is over & the grey matter has had a chance to recharge.

I’ve been trying to unpack all that I learned over the weekend, to try & make sense of it & put it into context.

Once again, the attendees outdid themselves, the content was rich & varied & the discussion went deep.

As usual, we ran a few experiments – this time with the format – to see what would happen. One experiment included not using the K-cards for a session that didn’t lend itself to that style of facilitation. The session was deemed a success!

The retro was also REALLY good this year – we’ve got some great feedback & fantastic ideas to try out in the future. High level ideas include helping increase diversity, variations on format & reducing the afternoon sugar crash…

Apologies, no picture this time, but here are this years attendees:

Ash Winter “Shift Testability
Chris Chant
Gwen Diagram
Ian Smith “AI: friend or job stealer?”
James Hattersley-Dykes “Testing Asynchronous APIs with Postman”
Jit Gosai “Defining DevOps”
Marc Muller “Surviving the 4th Industrial Revolution as a Tester
Matt Bretten
Matt Parker “Experiences in Mobbing”
Mike Van De Waal “VR Testing at PlayStation”
Patrick Prill “Discussion on the Modern Testing Principles
Timothy Fretwell “Testing & Continuous Deployment”
Vernon Richards

Thanks to everyone for the time & effort you committed – it really is appreciated.

Also a massive thanks to our sponsors Association For Software Testing & Testagility


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