NWEWT #1 – the players

We’re in to the last month of preparations before NWEWT #1 kicks off so I thought throw out a quick post on where we’re up to…

The Players

We’ve cast the net far & wide in order to invite a wide range of attendees for NWEWT. You may recognise some of them, others may be less familiar to you. Needless to say, they have all been invited because they have something valuable to offer the group:

Ash Winter
Callum Hough
Christina Ohanian
Dan Ashby
Emma Preston
Gaz Tynan
Gwen Diagram
Joep Schuurkes
Jean-Paul Varwijk
Liam Gough
Lim Sim
Matt Bretten
Rich Bradshaw
Simon Peter Schriver
Toby Sinclair

Tom Heald

This mix of people is unique & our hopes are that their shared insights will draw out new ideas not only to themselves, but also the group & you never know, perhaps the wider community.

23 days to go… 🙂

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